Mr. Mini Mart: Sweet but Predictable

I know this title might have people up in arms, but I will start off with saying I liked this manga, and I am so happy I own it! Now, onto the review (“screenshots” as always are at the end)!

Volume(s): 1

Mangaka: Junko

Status: Complete

Licenser: Juné

I heard a plethora of good things about this manga. So when I saw it was available for purchase, I snapped at the deal. No one really said why they love it so much, but just that I would be excited and like it. Y’all weren’t wrong, but y’all also (in my opinion) overhyped this title.

1. LOVED the artwork

2. VERY predictable

3. Secondary couple I wanted more of, though randomly introduced

4. Loved the bonus content!

And here we go 🌝

1. LOVED the artwork

Mutuals of mine will know that I’m not an art snob— as long as there’s some kind of story and some squishy scenes, I don’t mind how the characters are drawn. Do I have preferences? Sure, but I try not to let those stop me from discovering new BL/Yaoi. The artwork in Mr. Mini Mart blew me away because I wasn’t expecting the level of detail, especially when it came to expressions. Junko-sensei’s art style is also one that I tend to like— smoother lines with sharp detail and characters that look like they could be real people. So, if you really care about how the two dudes fucking look, then this manga I would add to your shelf (though the spicy scenes aren’t too explicit).

2. VERY predictable

Even with the summary/description of the manga being vague and no one telling me the plot, I knew immediately what Endo’s backstory would consist of very quickly (it’s a curse to be a storyteller because sometimes you ruin your own fun). So, from then on I felt like I was just waiting to be right and to get to the squishy bits. I hoped that the final chapter would do something more for me, but it didn’t and it ended abruptly, switching to a different couple🙃 .

The second couple was also a predictable trope/theme, but I enjoyed the tension (though there was NO SEX). The relationship features an age gap and a student x teacher/tutor relationship which had my taboo senses tingling. So it sucked that they didn’t get hot and heavy but at least they were pretty🌝

3. Secondary couple I wanted more of, though randomly introduced

I’ve kind of already pulled the cat out of the bag in the previous point, so I guess I’ll focus on the randomly introduced part.

So, when I got to the last chapter of the main couple, I was expecting… more as I said. So imagine my surprise when the next chapter is two random new characters that aren’t even related to the main couple in any shape or form. There’s no rule that the second couple has to be connected to the main couple, but I guess the way it read for me, I thought these characters would be extensions of Endo and Yamai’s world if you will.

Once I got over their unrelatedness, I read the chapter for what it was for those two characters. I wanted more of them, mostly because there was NO SQUISHY😡

4. Loved the bonus content!

There is a little flashback of Yamai talking to the other manager at the Mini Mart, taking place before the final chapter for Yamai and Endo. We learn that the other manager is gay😏 I thought this bit was funny, especially the conversation that ensues between them about how Yamai can get some experience under his belt!

And the best part? A new hottie comes and y’all… it made me want another volume with him ASAP! Like, the last page his face takes up most the space and I understand why the other manager damn near faints!

I’ll say that if you don’t mind some predictability and just want a (mostly) wholesome BL to read, then get a copy of Mr. Mini Mart ASAP! Otherwise, maybe put it lower on your priority list😘

RATING: 7.5/10.10

Squishy Moments…

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