Sense & Sexuality: The BL Title that Delivers

Volume(s): 1

Mangaka: You Hagashino

Status: Complete

Licenser: Kitty Media

(I can already tell my need to come up with cute and quirky review titles is going to kill me, but alas here we are🤣)

As you may know (if you follow my Twitter), I have been purchasing manga left and right from RightStufAnime. What I like about their selection of BL/Yaoi is that they have a lot of titles that were published by defunct companies (Blu, DMP, DRAMAQUEEN, etc.). I’ve been able to get my hands on some rare BL, and I can’t wait to share them with y’all!

I thought a first good rare find to review would be Sense and Sexuality, published by Sexy Kitty. The reason I chose this title to be the debut review for this blog and for my website is for a variety of reasons:

  1. Apparently it’s available on SuBLime (digital version ONLY)
  2. Unlike most BL I’ve read so far, this manga is centered around grown ass men doing grown ass things
  3. The plot, though the usual trope of childhood friends turned lovers wasn’t unique, takes a rather interesting approach to developing the main characters’ relationship.
  4. It’s (mostly) uncensored🌚

I won’t go too much further in point number one seeing as I linked y’all to where to purchase on SuBLime (you’re welcome), so I’ll get into point two.

Unlike most BL, this manga is centered around grown ass men doing grown ass things

Masatsugu and Kuniomi are both Japanese nobility during the Taisho era. And as the head sons of both their respective families, take one guess what their favorite activity is…

YASSS these two grown ass men are known for their Hedonistic lifestyles, and for not only bedding women, but bedding men as well. It was at this point in the manga I thanked the Yaoi guardians that 1) RightStufAnime put this title on sale but 2) that my spendthrifting ass actually purchased it! We learn this information within the first few pages because both men have set their eyes on a blossoming young men at a party one evening.

And throughout the manga these men are shown to partake in their daily lives working or just fooling around (see the GIF above for reference). While this may seem small, as a twenty-something that feels thirty-something mentally, I grow tired of reading about high school students. Especially when it comes to any spicy scenes. Both Masatsugu and Kuniomi are in their twenties and they’re (mostly) developed adults. What’s not to love?

The plot, though using usual trope of childhood friends turned lovers wasn’t unique, takes a rather interesting approach to developing the main characters’ relationship.

These two grown men were childhood friends but are now rivals, competing for both sex and affection from their targets. However, it’s alluded to early on that maybe one of our two playboys is deeply in love with someone *wink wink* and has been for some time.

So, silly me for thinking that this manga was going to be about Masatsugu and Kuniomi fighting over this blossoming young uke and then, during this competition, they realize they’re in love with one another…

Side note: this is one of the many things I like about BL. I’ll think one thing is going to happen and then BAM I’m completely wrong and it turns out the stronger more bara one is the uke or something of that nature. I like being kept on my toes, and this manga definitely did that!

Back to my being a clown; I will say to an extent my initial prediction was mostly right. HOWEVER, each chapter is a new conquest between the two men, excluding the last two chapters. Now you’re probably thinking, It probably reads fast or I doubt the flow of the story and the characters’ development feels natural and organic.

If this were any other manga, y’all would be right. The main thing I liked about Sense & Sexuality is that though each chapter is almost its own thing, it doesn’t feel that way. Through each men trying to one-up the other and win the affections of whoever they’re playing for in that chapter, you learn a lot about each man. For example, Masatsugu is the type to shower his partners with affection and things, without really getting to know his partners (therefore he’s a little more shallow and self-centered). Kuniomi on the other hand gets to know his lovers, and we learn that he sometimes looks after their wellbeing even if their relationship has since ended and that he has an actual job (therefore he’s more thoughtful than Masatsuga and more responsible/put together). Dynamics like these and others play out during the first few conquests or competitions before the cat’s let out of the bag: Kuniomi has been in love with Masatsuga this whole time! *cue gasps and clutching of the pearls*

It’s (mostly) uncensored

I think this one speaks for itself🌚 but I shall be posting all the media for this review at the end (which we’re almost at so thank you for reading this far💛).

CENSORING, you either love it or you hate it , scratch that it’s more like you either tolerate it or you hate it. At the risk of being that person, I honestly don’t mind censoring. I only get annoyed when the “action” becomes intelligible, and no matter how I turn the damn manga around to look at the angles, I still can’t tell what’s what. Sense & Sexuality is a good example of censoring without it feeling like it’s censored, which you will see shortly😘

It falls under the category of the “ball” censoring, where the peen is covered in balls of light of varying sizes and densities. Sometimes this type of censoring can be almost as bad a pixelated or shadow peen because it covers up too much. In those cases, I always find myself wondering why they didn’t just go all out and light saber it if they wanna cover the goods with a bunch of light balls, but I digress.

Luckily for us, Higashino-sensei was very sparse with the balls of light, to the point where I had to change this point from uncensored to mostly uncensored. Which brings me to, her dick drawing is pretty decent, and not to sound like a wh*re, but I’ve seen enough dick drawings to know🌝 The sensuality comes out the best in these scenes as well, with certain panels being *ahem* detailed, one of which I’ve included for you’re viewing pleasure.

Overall, I really enjoyed Sense & Sexuality, and know it’s a title I’ll be rereading for years to come! If you want a physical copy of this rare treasure and live either in the United States or Canada, you still have time before RightStufAnime’s sale ends!

And now what y’all frisky fujin have been waiting for… the panels!

You’ll have to excuse the fact that since my copy of this manga is physical, screenshots are actually photos! I did briefly consider buying the digital on SuBLime so the panels would be clearer, but this way I don’t have to watermark🌚 😌

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